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Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World, 3rd Edition LS New!
Alyson L. Greiner, Alyson L. Greiner
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Newly revised, Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World, Third Edition maximizes the use of photographs, maps and illustrations to bring the colorful diversity of Human cultures, political systems, food production, and migration into the undergraduate classroom. This text provides readers with a thrilling approach to the subject, allowing them to see Human Geography as a dynamic and growing science and helping them move beyond the idea that geography is about memorization. Unique presentation of visuals facilitates reflection on the textual content of this text, providing a clear path to the understanding of key concepts. In its Third Edition, Visualizing Human Geography: At Home in a Diverse World includes improved coverage of migration and industry and new animations to support each chapter.

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