WileyPLUS course:
Visualizing Geology, 4th Edition
Brian J Skinner
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The WileyPLUS course for Visualizing Geology is packed with interactive study tools and resources-including the complete online textbook-to give your students more value for their money.

  • The visuals and text are specially integrated to present complex processes in clear steps and with clear representations, organize related pieces of information, and integrate related information
  • Use of interactive multimedia minimizes unproductive cognitive load and helps students engage with the content
  • Case studies throughout the text bring the science of geology into focus in students' everyday lives
  • The unique format of Wiley Visualizing allows reinforces the textual content with arresting images that are, in many cases, the next best thing to being there
  • Remember This! is a new feature that appears several times in each chapter, inviting learners to think about the connections between the topics in that chapter and previous chapters of the text
  • New Ask Yourself and Think Critically exercises also will help students develop their critical analytical skills

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