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Visualizing Anatomy and Physiology, 1st Edition
Craig Freudenrich, Gerard J. Tortora
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Want an efficient way to manage your Anatomy and Physiology Course? 

WileyPLUS effectively integrates the teaching process with the learning environment, seamlessly linking classroom presentation, student activity and assessment.  This time saving program lets you spend more time teaching and less time preparing and grading. 

WileyPLUS gives you the technology to create an environment where students are prepared for lab or lecture, and study long and smarter after.

  • Using relevant, lively self assessments, students will master the material in a more meaningful and memorable manner.  WileyPLUS provides online assignment and assessment capabilities for pre-lecture, post-lecture, lab preparation or review.
  • Includes Learning Style Assessment.  Based on individual results they receive, students are directed to study strategies  and tips that will be the most effective way for them to succeed. 
  • Quickstart courses within WileyPLUS allow you to spend less time preparing lectures and grading quizzes and more time teaching and interacting with students.   These courses also save time in creating guidelines or course objectives for adjunct instructors.

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Craig Freudenrich, Gerard J. Tortora