WileyPLUS course:
Research Methods For Business: A Skill Building Approach, 7th Edition
Uma Sekaran, Roger Bougie

WileyPLUS Learning Space - accompanying Research Methods for Business: A Skill-Building Approach, 7/E by Uma Sekaran and Roger Bougie - will transform any course into a vibrant, collaborative learning community. You can instantly gauge if students are completing the assigned work, and if they are interacting with the content and each other.
Some of the features include:
• Interactive Etextbook – Provides an interactive version of the learning materials that students can highlight text, start discussions, or explore ideas further. Professors can mark material that is particularly important to a course to make sure that students don’t glide over important concepts.
• Course Stream - Using WileyPLUS Learning Space’s Course Stream, students will ask more questions, share more insights, and see how their participation leads to progress via the Course Stream. Students & Instructors share ideas, videos, and other outside links right into the Course Stream for all students to benefit.
WileyPLUS Learning Space also features a dynamic new e-textbook for your course—giving you tools to quickly organize learning activities, manage student collaboration, and customize your course.
You can:
• Assign activities and add your own materials
• Guide students through what’s important in the e-textbook by easily assigning specific content
• Set up and monitor collaborative learning groups
• Assess student engagement
• Benefit from a sophisticated set of reporting and diagnostic tools that give greater insight into class activity
Through a personalized experience, students create their own study guide while they interact with course content and work on learning activities.
For this Business Research Methocs course, WileyPLUS Learning Space also offers:
• Precreated Assignments - consisting of open-ended practice projects in each chapter and also discussion questiosn for each chapter.
• Student Resrouces - directing students to additional case studies as well as a media guide providing relevant weblinks for further exploration.
• Instructors Resources - offers PowerPoints, Teaching Manual, and detailed Case Solutions. 

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