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Psychology Around Us, 2nd Edition
Ronald Comer, Elizabeth Gould
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  • 100+ Wiley Video Clips ... a collection of brief video clips, applying psychology concepts and themes to issues in the news.
  • 20+ Wiley Animations ... developed around key concepts and themes in psychology. The animations go beyond what is presented in the book, providing additional visual examples, descriptive narration and posed questions for students to stop and think about the material being presented.
  • 70+ Concept Videos ... produced by author, Ron Comer, and averaging 5 minutes in length, these videos help bring lectures to life and, most importantly, captivate students. Each video is an excerpt from the CBS, BBC, Public Broadcasting, or Independent video libraries chosen from a televised news report, documentary, or lab study and illustrate a particular lecture point, bringing the point to life in exciting ways.
  • 10+ Video Labs ... use extensive virtual material to drive student learning. The combination of video footage and digital interactive technology brings the lab exercises to life for students in ways that were previously impossible. The Vide Labs are actively engaging and help students best process the lesson at hand.
  • Media Enriched PowerPoints ... contain embedded links to Wiley Videos and Wiley Animations. In addition, they include the book's specific media.

Course Materials to help you personalize lessons and optimize your time, including:

  • APA Undergraduate Goals and Resources
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Web Resources
  • Online/Word Test Bank
  • Respondus Test Bank
  • Media Enriched PowerPoint Slides
  • Lecture Notes PowerPoint Slides
  • Instructor's Resource Guide



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Ronald Comer, Elizabeth Gould

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