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Nutrition: Food for Thought LS New!
Laura Christoph
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Nutrition: Food for Thought, 1st Edition provides an introduction to nutrition for students wanting to learn the basic fundamentals of nutrition. A completely digital product where the course is developed around videos with an effective teacher having years of experience engaging students, using core course content and a rich suite of media, including unique instructional videos, interactive games, and collaborative activities. 

Video resources include: Chapter Opener Videos introducing students to upcoming chapter concepts, highlighting their relevance to their personal nutritional choices and health.  Everyday Choices Videos focus on consumer issues.   Understanding the Science Videos illuminate a difficult scientific topic, making challenging concepts as accessible as possible.  Chapter Summary Videos review what they should now know after having read the chapter.  These also point out helpful practice opportunities and resources in WPLS to help them focus their time and study effectively.

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Laura Christoph