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Microsoft Office Access 2007: Exam 77-605
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Chapter 1. Database Essentials.
What is a Database?
Starting Access and Opening an Existing Database.
Defining Data Needs and Types.
Defining Table Fields.
Defining Data Types for Fields.
Defining Database Tables.
Chapter 2. Create Database Tables.
Creating a Database.
Creating a Blank Database.
Using a Template to Create a Database.
Creating a Database Table.
Creating a Table from a Template.
Creating a Table from Another Table.
Saving a Database.
Chapter 3. Work with Tables / Database Records.
Creating and Modifying Primary Keys.
Defining and Modifying a Primary Key.
Defining and Modifying a Multi-field Primary Key.
Entering, Editing, and Deleting Records.
Navigating Among Records.
Finding and Replacing Data.
Attaching and Detaching Documents.
Sorting Data Within a Table.
Filtering Data Within a Table.
Removing a Filter.
Understanding Table Relationships.
Defining Table Relationships.
Modifying Table Relationships.
Printing Table Relationships.
Chapter 4. Modify Tables and Fields.
Modifying a Database Table.
Modifying Table Properties.
Renaming a Table.
Deleting a Table.
Creating Fields and Modifying Field Properties.
Modifying Field Properties.
Creating Fields.
Creating and Modifying Multi-Value Fields.
Creating and Modifying Attachment Fields.
Chapter 5. Create Forms. 
Creating a Simple Form. 
Creating a Form in Design View. 
Creating a Datasheet Form. 
Applying AutoFormat. 
Sorting Data within a Form. 
Filtering Data within a Form. 
Chapter 6. Create Reports. 
Creating a Simple Report. 
Using the Report Wizard. 
Creating a Report in Design View. 
Applying AutoFormat. 
Sorting Data within a Report. 
Filtering Data within a Report. 
Chapter 7. Use Controls in Reports and Forms. 
Adding a Control. 
Binding a Control to a Field. 
Defining Control Tab Order. 
Formatting Controls. 
Arranging Controls. 
Creating Conditional Formatting on Controls. 
Chapter 8. Create and Modify Queries. 
Creating a Query. 
Creating a Query from a Table. 
Creating a Query from Multiple Tables. 
Modifying a Query. 
Adding a Table to a Query. 
Removing a Table from a Query. 
Adding Criteria to a Query. 
Sorting Data Within a Query. 
Filtering Data Within a Query. 
Chapter 9. Advanced Tables. 
Creating a Custom Table. 
Using the Table Analyzer. 
Summarizing Table Data. 
Chapter 10. Advanced Forms. 
Creating a Multi-Item Form. 
Creating a Split Form. 
Creating a Subform. 
Creating a PivotTable Form. 
Creating a Form Using Layout View. 
Chapter 11. Advanced Reports. 
Defining Group Headers. 
Creating Aggregate Fields. 
Creating the Print Layout. 
Using the Label Wizard. 
Chapter 12. Advanced Queries. 
Creating AdvancedQueries.
Creating Action Queries. 
Creating Crosstab Queries. 
Creating a Subquery.
Saving a Filter as a Query. 
Advanced Query Modification.
Creating a Join. 
Creating a Calculated Query Field. 
Adding an Alias to a Query Field. 
Creating Aggregated Queries. 
Chapter 13. Display and Share Data. 
Creating a Chart. 
Formatting a Chart. 
Formatting a Chart. 
Changing Chart Types. 
Saving a Database Object as Another File Type. 
Printing a Database Object. 
Chapter 14. Import and Export Data. 
Importing Data. 
Importing Data from a Specific Source. 
Linking to an External Data Source. 
Saving and Running Import Specifications. 
Exporting Data. 
Exporting from a Table. 
Exporting from a Query. 
Saving and Running Export Specifications. 
Chapter 15. Database Tools. 
Backing Up a Database. 
Compacting and Repairing a Database. 
Saving as a Previous Version. 
Splitting a Database. 
Managing a Database. 
Using the Linked Table Manager. 
Encrypting a Database 
Setting Database Properties 
Identifying Object Dependencies 
Using the Database Documenter

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