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Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition New!
Ruth W. Chabay, Bruce A. Sherwood
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VOLUME I Modern Mechanics

1 Interactions and Motion

2 The Momentum Principle

3 The Fundamental Interactions

4 Contact Interactions

5 Determining Forces from Motion

6 The Energy Principle

7 Internal Energy

8 Energy Quantization

9 Translational, Rotational, and Vibrational Energy

10 Collisions

11 Angular Momentum

12 Entropy: Limits on the Possible

VOLUME II Electric and Magnetic Interactions

13 Electric Field

14 Electric Fields and Matter

15 Electric Field of Distributed Charges

16 Electric Potential

17 Magnetic Field

18 Electric Field and Circuits

19 Circuit Elements

20 Magnetic Force

21 Patterns of Field in Space

22 Faraday’s Law

23 Electromagnetic Radiation

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Supplement S1 Gases and Heat Engines S1-1

Supplement S2 Semiconductor Devices S2-1

Supplement S3 Waves S3-1

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Ruth W. Chabay, Bruce A. Sherwood