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Management, 2nd Edition LS New!
Christopher P. Neck, Jeffery D. Houghton, Emma Murray, Charles L. Lattimer
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WileyPLUS Learning Space with ORION - accompanying Management, 2/E by Christopher P. Neck, Jeffrey D. Houghton, Emma L. Murray, & Charles Lattimer - will transform any course into a vibrant, collaborative learning community.
You can instantly gauge if students are completing the assigned work, and if they are interacting with the content and each other. With WileyPLUS Learning Space, you get a real-time snapshot of where students need help so you can diagnose early—before the first exam.
Some of the features include:
• ORION – An adaptive, personal learning experience within WileyPLUS Learning Space that helps students to find their way as they make new discoveries about how they learn. Highlighting both strengths and problem areas, WileyPLUS is the guide that helps all types of learners to be more efficient with their study time.
• Course Stream - Using WileyPLUS Learning Space’s Course Stream, students will ask more questions, share more insights, and see how their participation leads to progress via the Course Stream. Students & Instructors share ideas, videos, and other outside links right into the Course Stream for all students to benefit.
WileyPLUS Learning Space also features a dynamic new e-textbook for your course—giving you tools to quickly organize learning activities, manage student collaboration, and customize your course.
You can:
• Assign activities and add your own materials
• Guide students through what’s important in the e-textbook by easily assigning specific content
• Set up and monitor collaborative learning groups
• Assess student engagement
• Benefit from a sophisticated set of reporting and diagnostic tools that give greater insight into class activity
Through a personalized experience, students create their own study guide while they interact with course content and work on learning activities.

For this Principles of Management course, WileyPLUS Learning Space also offers:

• Management in Action Videos One video per chapter presents the major themes of each chapter, both with the authors of the textbook and with industry insiders.
• Career Prep Videos Available in WileyPLUS Learning Space, these short video clips were developed by Drew Lichtenberger, a mentor and personal career coach. One for each chapter, these clips introduce career applications and create a tangible link for students. Topics include professionalism, writing a good resume, time management, and crafting presentations, to name a few.
• Building an ePortfolio Created by Stuart Mease, Executive Director for Student Advancement and Career Services at Virginia Tech University's Pamplin School of Business, this interactive manual encourages students to create an ePortfolio of their college efforts using commonly available tools.
• InsideTrack An online career-coaching program, InsideTrack offers free resources to students as they select their careers. Students get an initial counseling session at no cost and can pay for additional sessions on their own.
• CareerShift A leading online job search tool, CareerShift enables students to conduct their own job search using the power of search and the power of organization. They can conduct campaigns for jobs and keep all their resources and communication in one spot.

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Christopher P. Neck, Jeffery D. Houghton, Emma Murray, Charles L. Lattimer