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Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments, Binder Ready Version, 8th Edition
Gerald Karp, Janet Iwasa, Wallace Marshall
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  1. Introduction to the Study of Cell and Molecular Biology
  2. The Chemical Basis of Life
  3. Bioenergetics, Enzymes and Metabolism
  4. The Structure and Function of the Plasma Membrane
  5. Aerobic Respiration and the Mitochondrion
  6. Photosynthesis and the Chloroplast
  7. Interactions Between Cells and Their Environment
  8. Cytoplasmic Membrane Systems: Structure, Function, and Membrane Trafficking
  9. The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility
  10. The Nature of the Gene and the Genome
  11. Gene Expression: From Transcription to Translation
  12. Control of Gene Expression
  13. DNA Replication and Repair
  14. Cellular Reproduction
  15. Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction: Communication between Cells
  16. Cancer
  17. The Immune Response
  18. Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology