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Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments, Binder Ready Version, 8th Edition
Gerald Karp, Janet Iwasa, Wallace Marshall
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WileyPLUS Learning Space will transform your Cell Biology course into a vibrant, collaborative learning community.

WileyPLUS Learning Space with ORION is an adaptive study environment for your students which includes a dynamic e-textbook with integrated video, and interactive resources. Personalized features give you the ability to focus your class on what’s important and to facilitate student engagement through group work and collaboration.

WileyPLUS Learning Space for Cell and Molecular Biology includes:

•             Experimental Walkthroughs.  Combination of live action video and  3D molecular animations illustrating first-hand how key experimental techniques are performed in the lab. These show how researchers carry out experiments, and 3D animations to show a molecular-level view of how the experiments work.

•             Quantitative Tutorial Videos.  Found in every chapter, these videos visually illustrate how to solve specific analytical questions at the end of each chapter. The Quantitative Tutorials provide an accessible, student‐friendly review of basic mathematical concepts used within the context of a biological problem, and will expand the available resources.

•             Integrated Related Media.   Key related media, curated by the authors themselves, to enhance experimental focus and aid visualization of molecular processes designed to  generate interest and relevance for students reading the content.

•             My Notes, a multimedia study guide that students create while interacting with the content

•             A sophisticated set of instructor & student reporting tools that give greater insight into progress against learning objectives

•             …and much more


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