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Java For Everyone, 2nd Edition
Cay S. Horstmann
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Prepare & Present

  • Instructor's Manual
  • Lecture Presentation Slides
  • Source code for all examples in the book
  • Worked Examples that apply the problem-solving steps in the book to other realistic examples
  • Solutions to all review and programming exercises (for instructors only)
  • A test bank that focuses on skills, not just terminology (for instructors only) 

Read, Study, Practice

  • A complete online version of the text (ebook)
  • Lab manual
  • Source code for all examples in the book
  • Programming style guide in modifiable electronic form
  • Help with common compilers
  • Additional review and programming exercises


  • "Link-to-text" feature that allows students to access specific portions of their online text for immediate, contextual help as they are working
  • Computer-assisted grading of code completion and programming exercises within LabRat

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