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Introduction to Information Systems, 6th Edition LS
R. Kelly Rainer, Brad Prince
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Chapter 1 Introduction to

Information Systems 1

Chapter 2 Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Information Systems 31

Chapter 3 Ethics and Privacy 66

Chapter 4 Information Security 85

Chapter 5 Data and Knowledge Management 121

Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networking 161

Chapter 7 E-Business and E-Commerce 197

Chapter 8 Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce 229

Chapter 9 Social Computing 262

Chapter 10 Information Systems Within the Organization 293

Chapter 11 Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management 320

Chapter 12 Business Analytics 355

Chapter 13 Acquiring Information Systems and Applications 380

Technology Guide 1 Hardware 409

Technology Guide 2 Software 424

Technology Guide 3 Fundamentals of Relational Database Operations 433

Technology Guide 4 Intelligent Systems 456

Index 470

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R. Kelly Rainer, Brad Prince
R. Kelly Rainer, R. Kelly Rainer, Brad Prince, Brad Prince, Hugh J. Watson, Hugh J. Watson

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