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Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering: An Integrated Approach, 5th Edition
William D. Callister, Jr., David G. Rethwisch
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New resources designed to support a more engaging Learning Experience and more meaningful Learning Outcomes:


  • VMSE (Virtual Materials Science & Engineering), with a new interface, helps students visualize concepts related to crystal structures, diffusion tensile tests, and more. For example, it allows students to rotate unit cells in 3-d to better understand molecular structures. Also includes a Database of Engineering Materials Properties that can be used for materials selection problems.
  • Questions about VMS: Questions that students need to use VMSE to answer help students get best value from its use, and instructors incentivize its use. 
  • Video Tutorials - "muddy point" videos feature a student explaining tough concepts that have been identified through research 


Read, Study, & Practice


  • A complete online version of the textbook
  • Virtual Materials Science Engineering animations
  • Self-Assessment Exercises
  • Index to Learning Styles
  • Extended Learning Objectives
  • Web Resources for further exploration




  • A "Link-to-text" feature that allows students to access specific portions of their online text for immediate, contextual help as they are working
  • 500 end-of-chapter algorithmic homework questions that offer link to text (25 per chapter)
  • 200 Additional homework questions that offer link to text


Prepare & Present


  • Instructor Solutions Manual
  • Image Gallery
  • Lecture Note PowerPoint<sup>TM</sup> Slides to summarize chapter content
  • Sample Syllabi
  • Demonstrations and Experiments
  • This title contains WileyPLUS/Quickstart presentations for the entire course created by a subject expert


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