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Exploring Management, Binder Ready Version, 5th Edition LS
John R. Schermerhorn, Jr., Daniel G. Bachrach
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Managers and Management

1 Managers and the Management Process: Everyone becomes a manager someday. 

2 Ethics and Social Responsibility: Character doesn’t stay home when we go to work. 

Planning and Controlling

3 Managers as Decision Makers: There is no substitute for a good decision. 

4 Plans and Planning Techniques: Get there faster with objectives. 

5 Controls and Control Systems: What gets measured happens. 

6 Strategy and Strategic Management: Insight and hard work deliver results. 


7 Organization Structure and Design: It’s all about working together. 

8 Organizational Cultures, Innovation, and Change: Adaptability and values set the tone.

9 Human Resource Management: Nurturing turns potential into performance. 


10 Leadership: A leader lives in each of us. 

11 Individual Behavior: There’s beauty in individual differences. 

12 Motivation: Respect unlocks human potential. 

13 Teams and Teamwork: Two heads really can be better than one. 

14 Communication: Listening is the key to understanding. 


15 Diversity and Global Cultures: There are new faces in the neighborhood.

16 Globalization and International Business: Going global isn’t just for travelers.

17 Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Taking risks can make dreams come true.

Skill-Building Portfolio SB-1

Cases for Critical Thinking C-1

Online Module: Management Learning

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