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Dicho y hecho 9th Edition Brief WileyPLUS
Kim Potowski, Silvia Sobral, Laila M. Dawson
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Read, Study & Practice

  • A complete online version of the text.
  • "Autoprueba y repaso" self-tests.
  • Internet Discovery Activities.
  • Supplementary Written Exercises (150 per chapter).
  • Over 30 interactive grammar tutorials.
  • "Panoramas Culturales" featuring 21 Spanish speaking countries-promotes cultural awareness.
  • Video/ Audio as well as flashcards for interactive review.


  • A "Link-to-text" feature that allows students to access specific portions of their online text for immediate, contextual help as they are working.
  • Multiple correct answers: we have modified the Activities Manual question types to replace many manually graded questions with auto-graded questions that require one single answer. (This also addresses punctuation-related issues.)
  • New in-text activities:New, auto-graded single-student activities are being created for Dicho y hecho Brief. These activities can be used as practice and/or be assigned and counted in the grade book.
  • Accent options: Instructors will have 3 different options for grading assignments that require accent marks: count accents, ignore accents, or give 50% credit for wrong use of accents.
  • Special characters: The cursor may now be placed in the middle of a word to insert a special character.
  • Electronic Test Bank (100 per chapter).
  • Video Quizzes.
  • 2 assignable Exams per chapter, and 2 Mid-Terms and 2 Finals.
  • Many Practice Questions conveniently sorted by Study Objective: Grammar, Vocabulary, Culture, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Internet Activity Quizzes & Comic Strip Activities.
  • WIMBA Voice Recording Questions featuring audio-recording of student responses.

Prepare & Present

  • Instructor Audio Scripts, Laboratory Audio Scripts, Lab Manual Answer Key, and Video Scripts in English and Spanish
  • Media Enhanced PowerPointTM Slides with video links
  • Computerized Test Bank
  • Image Gallery- all illustration photos available in a gallery for presentation use
  • This title contains WileyPLUS/Quickstart presentations for the entire course created by a subject expert.
  • Wiley offers Quia: (found at http://www.quia.com/books) is basically a Web-based version of OUR activities manual, lab manual and/or workbook. Quia partners with the world's leading publishers, including Wiley.

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Kim Potowski, Silvia Sobral, Laila M. Dawson