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Basic Concepts of Chemistry, 9th Edition
Leo J. Malone, Theodore O. Dolter
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CHAPTER 1 Chemistry and Measurements.

CHAPTER 2 Elements and Compounds.

CHAPTER 3 The Properties of Matter and Energy.

CHAPTER 4 The Periodic Table and Chemical Nomenclature.

CHAPTER 5 Quantities in Chemistry.

CHAPTER 6 Chemical Reactions.

CHAPTER 7 Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Reactions.

CHAPTER 8 Modern Atomic Theory.

CHAPTER 9 The Chemical Bond.

CHAPTER 10 The Gaseous State.

CHAPTER 11 The Solid and Liquid States.

CHAPTER 12 Aqueous Solutions.

CHAPTER 13 Acids, Bases, and Salts.

CHAPTER 14 Oxidation–Reduction Reactions.

CHAPTER 15 Reaction Rates and Equilibrium.

CHAPTER 16 Nuclear Chemistry.

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Leo J. Malone, Theodore O. Dolter